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2022-10-21 CAS AML M5 Philosophy and Ethics of Extended Cognition and Artificial Intelligence

CAS Advanced Machine Learning Module 5


CAS AML M5 Philosophy and Ethics of Extended Cognition and Artificial Intelligence
Learning outcomes - graduates
  • have an overview of the history and the philosophy of artificial intelligence
  • know philosophical and scientific presuppositions of artificial intelligence
  • can relate techniques of AI to well-known scientific methods
  • know the main philosophical discussions on artificial intelligence
  • know the main moral challenges related to artificial intelligence and can discuss solutions from the perspective of ethics
  • master best practices for ethics dealing with artificial intelligence
Learning objectives
  • History of computing with a focus on AI
  • Philosophical conceptions of AI (weak vs. strong AI)
  • Extended mind hypothesis • Philosophical concepts of data and data analysis
  • AI and scientific inference
  • Ethical challenges due to AI in the light of ethical theories
  • Machine ethics
Target group
  • Graduates and professionals enrolled for the CAS Advanced Machine Learning
  • Other interested people and students
  • University or University of Applied Sciences level degree (bachelor, master, phd) 
  • Seminar, short presentations, written essay. Every week there will be a new paper on Ilias to study before next class. 
Time : Fridays 15:15-17:00 from 2022-10-21 to 2022-12-16
Location: University of Bern, Parkterasse 14, Raum 323

Language: English
Participants : Max 24
Registration : Mandatory (via Ilias)
Responsible : Prof. Dr. Dr. Claus Beisbart, PD Dr. Sigve Haug
Prof. Dr. Dr. Claus Beisbart


PD Dr. Sigve Haug

Sigve studied physics in Germany, Spain and Norway. He has been involved in neutrino physics experiments and high energy frontier experiments, often with main focus on the computing challenges related to the large and distributed data from these experiments. Today he is heading the Data Science Lab at the University of Bern.