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459301-HS2023: CAS Natural Language Processing

Certificate of Advanced Studies in Natural Language Processing (CAS NLP) - 2023/2024


Machine translation, information extraction, question answering and non-sense natural language generation performed by NLP algorithms are already part of everyday life. However, the new semantic understanding capabilities seen in recent trained models not only expand the NLP application space enormously, but also represent possible first steps towards consciousness and mind outside human and animal nerve systems.
The program targets practitioners who aim for an overview of the NLP domain with focus on recent developments (deep learning models) and hands-on learning. Programming skills and some machine learning experiences are prerequisites.
The CAS format is designed to align with the participants’ main professional and study activities. The workload is on average about 20% of a full-time position over a year. The teaching and learning approaches are team and discussion oriented, aimed at developing practical competency. All modules can also be attended online.

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