• below you will find the first completed version of the NMR TUTORIAL including now the variants of the 2D HSQC experiment and this experiment' application to other heteronuclei
  • there is a very last, slightly more demanding part that will be dedicated to the 2D ASAP-HSQC experiment. The addition of this sub-chapter is planned for the near future
  • unfortunately the files for the simulations with NMRSIM were not complete, for which I apologize. They have now been completed and include all simulations of the tutorial at hand. To download, proceed as described:
  • Activate the following ILIAS-link and cause the download of the (compressed) file to your local Downloads folder:
The download will start automatically.
In case the download does not start, configure your browser accordingly.
    STEP 2:
    • Open the download folder in a first window.
    • Open a second window and navigate to the directory /NMRSIM_SESSION (found in your personal user directory) with the folders config, ham, job, lists, pp, wave and wizard generated in the course of the TOPSPIN installation.
    • Note the entries in each of these folders delivered with the BRUKER TOPSPIN package, i.e. a set of corresponding configuration-, pulse program-. spin-system-, list- and wave-files for setting up a few demonstration experiments.
    • Note also the user subfolders, provided for storing your personal configuration-, pulse-program- etc. files.  
    STEP 3:
    • In the Download folder (first window) if not yet done automatically unzip the file Click on the unzipped directory which will uncover the folders config, ham, lists, pp and wave each of which contains a corresponding subfolder tutorial (see Fig. below).
    STEP 4:
    • Starting with the folder config (in the first window) click on it and – taking advantage of the drag-and-drop technique – move the tutorial subfolder into the config folder in the NMRSIM_SESSION directory (in the second window, i.e., on your computer):
    STEP 5:
    • According to the scheme above repeat this procedure one after the other with the residual tutorial subfolders for ham, lists, pp and wave.
    STEP 6:
    • Make sure that in your NMRSIM_SESSION directory any of the folders config, ham, lists, pp and wave has now been extended by a corresponding tutorial subfolder.
    • Inspect the various tutorial subfolders which should contain a series of corresponding configuration-, spin system (ham)-files, lists,  pulseprogram- and wave-files respectively, which will be used in the course of the tutorial. 
    • since the BRUKER website has been redesigned, some links had to be adapted
    • there will certainly still be errors and inadequacies in this first version of the tutorial. I apologize for this
          Peter Bigler

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