Integrating a publication list into a website

You can easily integrate publication lists from BORIS into your personal website or in the University of Bern's website. This saves you from recording your publications twice. By using a daily update mode, your list always stays up to date.
In the following, we will show you how you can embed the publication list of an institute in the University of Bern's website. This also works in the same way for your personal website.
Log into BORIS and into the ZMS3 of the university.
(1) In BORIS, go to Home -> Institute and select the appropriate institute.
(2) Sort the list by one of the selectable criteria. The same sorting is then also displayed on the website.
(3) Copy the link.
If you want to embed only your personal publication list, rather than the entire list of the institute, in the website, in BORIS, go to Home -> Contributors Bern and select your name. Copy the link.
In the copied link, replace "html" with "include".
Institute list example:
Personal publication list example:
Now go to the page of the ZMS3 in which you want to embed your publication list.
Go to the editing mode and start the script editor by clicking on the eye (on the right). Text that has already been entered is now displayed for you in HTML.
Insert the following code:
html="readhtml2('insert the copied link from BORIS')">
<dtml-var html>
For our example, that then looks like this:
<dtml-var html>
Confirm by saving.
The publication list of the selected institute is now displayed on your website, sorted by year of publication.
The BORIS manual is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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