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GMBA Mountain Inventory


This folder contains the GMBA mountain inventory_V1.0 data.When using the GMBA mountain inventory, please cite Körner C, Jetz W, Paulsen J, Payne D, Rudmann-Maurer K, Spehn EM (2017) A global inventory of mountains for bio-geographical applications. Alpine Botany 127(1): 1-15, DOI: 10.1007/s00035-016-0182-6 and the dataset DOI: 

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General information file
txt   4,5 KB   30. Sep 2016, 00:27  
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Mountain polygons for the entire world (excluding Antarctica), GIS files (.dbf, .prj, .shx, .shp)
zip   634,6 KB   29. Sep 2016, 23:58  
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Mountain polygons for individual mega-regions, GIS files (.dbf, .prj, .shx, .shp)
zip   643,6 KB   30. Sep 2016, 00:02  
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Supplementary polygons of the world’s major mountain systems
zip   137,7 KB   30. Sep 2016, 00:16  
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List of mountain polygons including information on area and human population (Koerner et al. 2016 supplementary material)
xlsx   148,8 KB   30. Sep 2016, 00:46  
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pdf   1,5 MB   22. Dez 2016, 13:28  
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Specific online maps used to support polygon delineation
zip   82,0 MB   30. Sep 2016, 00:08  

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