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2020-01-24 Cloud Computing Day CANCELLED

Get an introduction to how you can make your own data center with AWS.


About Cloud Computing with Amazon Web Services (not final)
Cloud Computing

Using cloud resources, usually remote hardware with webinterface and pay per usage possibilty, can be an effective alternative to having own hardware. In this workshop we learn what can be done with the Swiss academic cloud service SWITCHengines, Amazon Web Services and Google. 

Workshop objectives
  • Cloud versus on premise resources - also in academia ?
  • About Amanox Solutions - AWS partner (Amanox)
  • Microservices Overview (Amanox)
  • Pay as you use, billing process
  • Serverless computing (Lambda)
  • Data storage concepts and transfers
  • Docker, Fargate Content 
  • AWS IOT Overview
  • ...
Target group
  • UNIBE staff and students, potential cloud users, science IT responsible, system administrators 
  • Advanced researchers and IT system responsibles wishing to learn about cloud resources. 
  • Participants must bring own laptops 
  • The workshop consists of presentations, hands-ons and discussions
  • A certificate will be delivered to participants who have attended the whole workshop.
  • The presenters come from SWITCH, Amanox Solutions and University of Bern.
Practical information (time, location ...)
Time : 2020-01-24 09:00 - 17:00
Location : University of Bern, Room 120, Mittelstrasse 43

Training language: English
Participants : Max 24
Registraion : Mandatory
Coaches : Ann Harding (SWITCH), PD Dr. Sigve Haug (ScITS, responsible)
Prerequisites : Laptop
Certificate : Certificate for full training attendance 
About ScITS
The Science IT Support is there to boost your research by supporting you solving computing challenges.