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2020-06-16 DSE2 Version Control Systems - Git (09:00-17:00)

Get started with Git and GitHub. Mandatory for enrolled CAS Applied Data Science participants.


About this training
Version Control Systems, Git and GitHub

Reproducible software engineering, also for research software, requires the usage of version control systems (VCS).
Git is a very powerful and commonly used version control system and GitHub is the most important host for Git repositories.
In this training you will get introduced to the general concepts and how to apply it for yourself or your unit.

This is a mandatory course for the CAS ADS Module 4.


Learn about VCS, Git (and its internals) and how to it together with GitHub for better development and collaboration.

Learning outcomes - participants know/can
  • About VCS
  • Use Git
  • Understand Git
  • Use GitHub (and other repository hosts)
Target group
  • People working on (research) software projects, individually or in teams.
  • Participants must bring own laptops and should have minimal Linux (working with a terminal) and programming experience.
  • The training alternates between short theoretical introductions and Git hands-on.
  • A certificate will be delivered to participants who have attended the whole training. 
  • The coaches are local or external experts
Practical information (time, location ...)
Time : 2020-06-16 09:00 - 17:00
Location :  TBC, University of Bern

Training language: English
Participants : Max 20
Registraion : Mandatory
Coaches : Pablo Verges (lecturer and coach), PD Dr. Sigve Haug (responsible), Dr. Alexander Kashev (tutor)
Prerequisites : Laptop, Linux and basic programming experience 
Certificate : Certificate for full training attendance
Fee: None
About the coaches and ScITS
The lecturer and coach for this training is Pablo Verges. He has studied computer science and physics at EPFL and the University of Bern and worked as a software engineer for the Bern company 4teamwork. Now he works for Dectris. Pablo loves giving training.

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