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2020 CAS AML Projects

Upload platform for final CAS AML projects


The CAS AML Project yields 4 ECTS points (~120 hours workload). The deliverable is either a report with supporting notebooks or a runable app on own device or as a service. The project should have its github respository. The project is a ML project which applies methods from the modules on a non-class dataset(s) you find interesting, so a consolidation of the module projects. 

The schedule is:

2020-11-13 Deadline abstract
2021-02-05 Deadline first version
2021-02-28 Deadline feedback on first version by email
2021-04-30 Deadline last version

The abstract is a 1 or 2 pages pdf containing the front page of your report and possibly a table of contents. The abstract has max 15 lines and tells the goal and dataset(s) to be used.

The first version is a pdf with publication quality level, typically up to 20 pages, with links to accessible and supporting notebooks. 

The final version is the revised first version with revision based on the feedback you recieved on the first version.

Any further questions regarding the project can be directed to Sigve by email.