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2022-10-28 & 2022-11-04 Version Control Systems - Git (09:00-12:30)

Get started with Git and GitHub. Mandatory for enrolled CAS Applied Data Science participants.


Version Control Systems, Git and collaborative development

Reproducible software engineering, also for research software, requires the usage of version control systems (VCS).
Git is a very powerful and commonly used version control system and GitHub is the most important host for Git repositories.
In this training you will be introduced to the general concepts of version control, Git and collaborative development and how to apply them for yourself or your unit.

This is a mandatory course for the CAS ADS Module 4.


Learn about VCS, Git (and its internal model) and how to use it together with GitHub for improved development and collaboration.

Learning outcomes - participants know/can
  • The goal of using a version control system
  • The basic commands to create and manage versions using Git
  • Techniques to learn Git by themselves
  • Understand Git's interal model
  • Choose a collaboration workflow
  • Get and publish changes from remotes (like a repository on GitHub)
Target group
  • People working on (research) software projects, individually or in teams.
  • Participants must bring own laptops and should have minimal Linux (working with a terminal) experience.
  • You should have access to a Terminal with a current Git installation (Git bash is recommended on Windows).
  • If you come with a Windows installation, please make sure you have read and understood the following article.
  • The training alternates between short theoretical introductions and Git hands-on.
  • A certificate will be delivered to participants who have attended the whole training. 
  • The coaches are local or external experts
Time : 2022-10-28 and 2022-11-04 09:00-12:30
Location : University of Bern, Parkterasse 14, room 323. 
Online Participation: TBD

Training language: English
Participants : Max 24
Registraion : Mandatory
Coaches : Ahmad Alhineidi (lecturer and coach), PD Dr. Sigve Haug (responsible)
Prerequisites : Laptop, Linux and basic programming experience
Certificate : Certificate for full training attendance
Fee: None
The lecturer and coach for this training is Ahmad Alhineidi. He has studied Linguistics with focus on Computational Linguistics at the University of Zurich and currently working at the Data Science Lab (DSL).