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467114-HS2023: CAS Applied Data Science

Certificate of Advanced Studies in Applied Data Science (CAS ADS) - 2023/2024


With the explosion of data in science, economics, administration, medicine and many other fields, the importance and the demand for data science skills are increasing. It is the scientific methods and processes of extracting knowledge and insights from data. In light of this, the University of Bern offers a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) program in Applied Data Science.
It is structured in six modules, graduation is possible within one or two years. The CAS provides 16 ECTS credit points achieved in 21 days of presence with a total workload about 480 hours. There is a strong focus on working together, however, we run all sessions in hybrid mode, i.e. remote participation is always possible. There are 20 places each year. Our teaching methods are modern and peer oriented. The level assumes own experience and a higher education degree with some mathematical background. The program is applied in the sense of focusing on concepts and usage of common data science infrastructures and software tools, not on theoretical elaboration of the mathematics, statistics and informatics.

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