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Digital or digitized documents, etc.
Uploaded files can be
  • be made available for direct download or linked elsewhere
  • be made available for a limited time


Digital Semester Apparatus: Journal articles and excerpts from books (offered by the University Library of Bern). 
Literature for the DigiSem can be
  • be added directly if it already exists
  • be scanned by the library if it does not already exist


A single link or link list.
Links redirect to
  • internal ILIAS items and ILIAS pages
  • external web pages

Content Page

A page for presenting and designing information.
A content page can
  • display multimedia elements (text, graphics, images, videos)
  • be customized with the page editor


An online dictionary with definitions of terms.
A glossary can
  • be provided by instructors and/or developed by students
  • include media, tables, and lists

Learning Module

A kind of e-book as a coherent learning unit.
A learning module can
  • include media (text, images, audio, video) and self-assessment questions
  • also be created and embedded via HTML or SCORM

Web Feed

An item for listing and accessing current news on external websites.
A web feed can
  • be used for websites with RSS feeds
  • forward directly to the latest articles

Data Collection

A database for the structured collection, presentation and comparison of information.
A data collection can
  • include entries from lecturers and/or students
  • include entries of different formats (e.g., text, checkbox, selection lists)

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