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Exercise | Test | Question Pool Tests | Portfolio Template


An item for organizing submissions by individual students or teams (e.g. text, document, ILIAS Portfolio, ILIAS Wiki).
An exercise can
  • define a start and/or deadline date
  • also be used for (peer) feedback


An item for conducting formative assessments (e.g., self-tests).
A test can
  • include different question types and media
  • provide individual and automated feedback and hints for solutions

Question Pool Tests

A collection of questions or tasks for repeated use in various tests.
A question pool for tests can
  • automatically select a defined number of randomized questions for a test
  • be combined with other question pools in a test

Portfolio Template

A template for specifying the content and structure of student portfolios using placeholders.
A portfolio template can
  • be linked to an exercise
  • contain several tabs

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