Manual: DigiSem

Manual: DigiSem
With DigiSem (Digital Semester Apparatus), you can order & provide literature in your ILIAS course. DigiSem is provided by the University Library of Bern and is available for up to 20 journal articles or one book chapter (max. 2/3 of the book). Larger volumes require prior consultation with the DigiSem support.

 More information & contact:

1. Creating a DigiSem

If you have an ILIAS course (or session, folder, or group) and the appropriate administrative permissions, you can create a DigiSem. Follow the steps below to do so:
Click on «Add New Item».
Select «Literature Ordering (DigiSem)».
Enter the appropriate terms in the fields.
Click on «Search».
You can also create or move DigiSem objects to folders or sessions.

2. Adding literature

If your search yields any results, they will be listed below the search field. You can check whether this is the literature you are looking for based on the information provided (author, title, year, page number, etc.).
Select the relevant literature.
Add literature «Add literature», to add the literature to your course.
You will be redirected back to your course, where you will see the added DigiSem item. Students can immediately access this literature and download it as a PDF.

3. Ordering new literature

If the search does not yield any results, the literature is not yet available in DigiSem. You can go ahead and place an order for the desired literature. Please note that it can take up to four weeks until the literature can be obtained by the university library and made available in the ILIAS course.
Click on the «Order literature» section below the list of results.
Fill out the form.
Click on «Order» to place the order.
Once you have submitted the order, you will be redirected back to your course. Here you can see the status of the literature you have ordered. When the university library has scanned or digitized the literature, the red note  «Status: in the ordering process» disappears automatically. You and your students now have access to the PDF document.

4. Application scenarios

The following pages will give you an idea of how DigiSem can be used:

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