Facilitate in-depth engagement with a learning video

Facilitate in-depth engagement with a learning video
  • Students have to acquire teaching content independently through learning videos.
  • It needs to be ensured that the students do not passively consume but actively engage with the content.
Example from the Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences
  • An interactive video is created
  • Chapters are created for the video (incl. additional explanations)
  • Questions are added to the video
  • Students can access the interactive video from the ILIAS course room
  • Students can view their own results
  • Lecturers can view the students' results
Take a look
Student perspective: interactive video with video player, comment field and table of contents
Student perspective: display of a single choice question
Student perspective: feedback after answering the question, incl. the distribution of the responses and reference to where the correct answer can be found ("learning recommendation")
Student perspective: Display of a literature reference (implemented as a reflection question without answer field)
List of chapters and questions created in the video

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