Manual: Tile design

Manual: Tile design
In the ILIAS items Course, Group, and Folder, you can choose whether you want the content displayed as a list or as tiles. If you opt for «Tile view», you can either work with the default tiles or upload your own tile images.

1. Activate tile view

In the item in which you want content to be displayed as tiles, go to the «Settings» tab.
Select the «Tile» view.
The tile view in a course cannot be combined with the option «Sessions View > Limit number of sessions displayed» (default setting for courses). Deactivate this option or switch to «Simple View».
Click «Save».

2. Upload your own tile images

If you have activated the «Tile view» in a container object (course, group, folder) (see 1. Activate tile view), the items it contains are displayed as tiles.

You can upload your own tile images for individual items. For some items, this is possible directly in the settings (see For items with a tile image option); for others (e.g., Etherpad, Interactive Video, Opencast Series), you can use a workaround  (see For items without a tile image option).
To create your own tile images in an optimized size, you can use the template linked here:
Powerpoint tile template
When selecting tile images, we recommend paying attention to uniformity, e.g., by using the same visual language or composition, similar motifs, and/or matching colors.

For items with a tile image option

You can upload tile images directly in the settings for most ILIAS items. 
In the item that you want to display as a tile, go to the «Settings» tab.
You can upload the tile image under «Tile Image».
 When inserting images, please follow the recommended image sizes (see Notes on image sizes on ILIAS).
Click «Save».

For items without a tile image option

There are a few ILIAS items for which you cannot upload your own tile image directly (e.g., Etherpad, Interactive Video, Opencast series). If you nevertheless want to integrate these items into your tile design, you can use the workaround described here.
Step 1: Create a weblink to the item for which you want to define your own tile image.
Click on «Add New Item».
Select «Weblink».
Select «Single Weblink».
Select «Inside ILIAS».
Click «Select Target Objekt» and then on the item for which you want to store a tile image.
Give the link a «Title».
Click on «Add Weblink».
Upload a tile image for the weblink (see For items with a tile image option).
Step 2: Hide the target item without own tile image.
Click on «Add New Item».
Select «Item Group».
Give the item group a «Title».
Click on «Add Item Group».
Select the item (or items if there are several) that does not have its own tile image.
Click «Save».
In the item group, go to the «Permissions» tab.
In the «Course member» role column, deactivate the «Show» permission.
Click «Save».

3. Replace a tile image

To replace a tile image, follow the steps under 2. Upload your own tile images.
When you update a tile image, the container object may continue to display the old tile image because it is stored in the browser cache. To see the new tile image, you have to delete the browser cache:

4. Design examples

The following page will give you an idea of the design options offered by the tile design:

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