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Communication & Collaboration

Forum | Blog | Wiki | Etherpad | Group


An item for the creation of thematically structured posts (threads).
A forum can
  • be hosted by selected persons
  • send notifications for new entries


A kind of online diary for creating posts in the form of text, images, audio or video.
A blog can
  • be made accessible to the public or only to a specific group of users
  • show posts chronologically


An item for creating, editing, and collecting interlinked multimedia pages.
A wiki can
  • contain an unlimited number of pages
  • be edited by multiple users


A text editor for collaborative synchronous or asynchronous composing and editing of texts.
An etherpad can
  • Identify the text sections of the authors involved through color coding
  • show the editing history


A designated space in which selected items are available to a specified group of users.
A group can
  • allow members to collaborate and create ILIAS items themselves
  • be publicly accessible or protected

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