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Feedback & Evaluation

Poll | LiveVoting | Survey | Question Pool Survey | Self-evaluation


A survey item with one single-choice or multiple-choice answer option.
A poll can
  • contain images
  • show an overview of the results


An item for anonymous surveys with simultaneous collection and display of results. 
A LiveVoting can
  • be filled out on the computer, tablet, and cell phone
  • be operated by the course instructor during the conduction


A survey item for more complex surveys with multiple questions and different question types.
A survey can
  • A survey can be completed personalized or anonymously even without login
  • create dependencies between questions and blocks (routing rules)

Question Pool Survey

A collection of questions for repeated use in various surveys.
A question pool for surveys can
  • display questions according to specific filter criteria
  • be combined with other question pools in a survey


A survey item with an integrated, automated feedback function.
A self-evaluation can
  • summarize content questions in thematic blocks
  • capture metadata in the master block

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